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Quinn McKay (Kelly Kincaid) Made WWE Debut At NXT Level Up Taping

Quinn McKay Kelly Kincaid

Former ROH correspondent and wrestler Quinn McKay is now known as Kelly Kincaid and will be the ring announcer for NXT Level Up.

As reported earlier today, 205 Live has been scrapped by WWE and is being replaced by a new NXT offshoot called Level Up. The program will air in the same Friday time slot as 205 Live, and the first episode was taped prior to the Vengeance Day episode of NXT 2.0.

One of the noteworthy things coming out of that taping was the debut of the company’s new ring announcer. WWE recently filed a trademark for the name Kelly Kincaid, and a fan in the audience snapped a photo confirming that the name was being used for former ROH broadcaster and wrestler Quinn McKay, who seemingly has signed with NXT and will serve as the ring announcer for the new program.

During her time competing as Quinn McKay, the broadcaster made her Ring of Honor in-ring debut against Angelina Love as part of her feud with The Allure. She later competed in the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament, defeating Mandy Leon in the first round but falling victim to eventual champion Rok-C in the second.

Last August, Kincaid spoke with Inside the Ropes’ Liam Alexander-Stewart and discussed a variety of topics including the Women’s Championship Tournament, transitioning from an announcing role to in-ring competition, and who her dream opponents would be if she were to continue competing. When asked about fellow ROH Dak Draper praising her work ethic, the former Quinn McKay had this to say:

“Even though there are more opportunities in wrestling than there were before, that doesn’t mean that they’re just like handing them out to people. So if you want one, it’s still something that you have to work for. And it’s very sweet of Dak to have put over my work ethic but that’s something that I pride myself on.

“And I don’t think that I would have been able to accomplish half of the things that I have, if I didn’t have the work ethic that I do, because I do put 100% into everything that I do, which can be a blessing and a curse, because I’m very stressed out all the time but it pays back dividends like I get very frustrated and I think other people get very frustrated with entitlement.”

The full interview is available here.