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QT Marshall Recalls Being Asked To Carry A Placenta On Rhodes To The Top

QT Marshall looking stunned on the entrance ramp

QT Marshall has opened up about his role in reality TV show Rhodes To The Top, including some of his more ‘hands on’ moments.

When QT Marshall made his in-ring debut in 2004 it’s highly unlikely that he ever envisaged appearing on a reality television show alongside the son of Dusty Rhodes or carrying placenta on camera. But the New Jersey native has been on quite the journey.

After appearing in Ring of Honor and briefly WWE, Marshall signed with AEW in 2019 as both a wrestler and a producer. Early the following year, Marshall joined forces with AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes on-screen as a member of The Nightmare Family. However, it was a union that fell apart a little over a year later as he led a revolt against the faction’s leader.

Off-screen Marshall enjoys a strong friendship with Cody Rhodes, something very much evident by his involvement with Rhodes’ reality TV show, Rhodes To The Top.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ very own Kenny McIntosh, QT Marshall discussed his involvement in the show.

“I mean, any exposure is good exposure right? I’ve always said this. Cody opened the door for me, that show is also Tony’s show, he is the executive producer of the show. Originally we didn’t know if we could do it because of the angle going on, but him and Tony said ‘Hey, I think it’s ok, I would like you to be a part of it.’ I’m never going to say no.

It was a little time consuming with all the other hats, so they tried to make it as easy as possible for me, especially towards the end. They just started sending the nurses to my house to do my testing and everything else for protocols and stuff. I think they portrayed us the right way, because a lot of it was just real and they were filming it and having fun. I tend to not take too many things too seriously, because why? I try to stay young.”

It was this high level of involvement that led to him carrying placenta on camera, a task he looked suitably bewildered by. Marshall said that it was a moment that took a lot of trust.

“It’s a lot of trust. But on top of that it’s like why? I don’t get it. But he explained it to me, and ever since that day, multiple people have been explaining to me how it works. At this point I’m like I get it guys, I get it.”

After battling with Rhodes on AEW television, Marshall eventually ran into Paul Wight. This resulted in him being quickly demolished by the the giant at All Out.

QT Marshall was most recently in action on AEW Dark where he was defeated by Darby Allin.

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