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QT Marshall Responds To Criticism That AEW Has Too Many Wrestlers

QT Marshall standing in the ring with The Factory

AEW’s QT Marshall says he doesn’t think it’s a terrible thing that the company has a lot of wrestlers on its books despite some criticism online.

According to, AEW currently has over 110 stars listed on its roster page, not counting the scores of independent wrestlers the company use for Dark and Elevation matches.

Some have criticised the company taking on so many wrestlers but QT Marshall sat down with Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh to explain why workers being paid and having work is no bad thing:

“So are those people getting paid? Is Tony employing a lot of people? Yeah. Is that a terrible thing? No. And are they still getting work when it comes to Dark and Elevation? Yes.”

“If I were a younger talent, and I have been on tv for a year, so I am still a young talent when it comes to that. I understand that I am not going to be on tv every week, but when I get those opportunities on Elevation and Dark, I am going to try and have the best matches and get the best reactions. I’ve seen times before, especially in the pandemic era, we would do matches on Dark in front of nobody that were so good, but we didn’t air them and just put them on Dynamite.”

“I think especially if you are getting paid, nobody should be upset, especially the fans. These are wrestlers that especially with the news that came out [Ring Of Honor going on hiatus] that wrestling isn’t guaranteed for everybody.”

“I hope that we sign as many people as we can, because at the end of the day, you can all get your chance, and some will be mainstays. That’s just the way that wrestling has always been, so I don’t really see the negative in signing too many wrestlers.”

QT Marshall continued, adding that AEW stars are allowed to work independent shows if their schedule allows it meaning they can be working a lot more than once or twice a week should they want to:

“We are all allowed to basically work independent shows as well, as long as they don’t creatively mess you up or they don’t conflict with any AEW stuff. If you really want to wrestle, and you feel that you are not getting your fix, then just go wrestle. You can do whatever you want on any independent show because you are on tv or at least a part of AEW.”

“I’m sure that any promoter knows that it will bring value to their event as well. There’s a lot of things that go into it, but I can’t see anyone being upset that we are hiring people and giving them money.”

The leader of The Factory then discussed his role in the company as far as creative decisions go and says everything goes through the boss, Tony Khan:

“When it comes to the creative stuff, Tony is the be all and end all. Sometimes people pitch things to him and they pitch things to me and I will go to him. But it’s very very rare that someone is going to come to me with an idea and I’m going to just say ok. I don’t have the power to do that.”

“When people tag me on social media and say ‘Learn how to book.’ First of all, Tony is doing a really good job. Second of all, I don’t book. I fill in the local talent when we need it. If someone asks my opinion on something I will give it. But at the same time, it’s not what I do.”

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