QT Marshall Leads Revolt Against The Nightmare Family

QT Marshall, Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto and Anthony Ogogo have turned on the Nightmare Family in shockingly brutal style.

On the March 31st edition of AEW Dynamite QT Marshall was set to take on Cody Rhodes in an unsanctioned Exhibition Match, with Arn Anderson serving as the Special Guest Referee. As the action began, other members of the Nightmare Family surrounded the ring.

The match began as intended before QT Marshall struck referee Anderson. After initially showing remorse for his actions at the top of the ramp, the mood in the arena soon changed.

Solow, Comoroto and Ogogo hit the ring, laying waste to Cody Rhodes and the rest of the Nightmare Family. Lee Johnson was on the receiving end of a Powerbomb from the ring to the ramp, QT hit a Piledriver on Dustin Rhodes on the steel steps and it looked as though Cody was about to face a similar fate.

However, after Ogogo had roughed up Cody in the ring and passed him to Marshall, Red Velvet ran out to make the save, begging Marshall not to hit the conchairto on Cody.

As Velvet called for a doctor to aid her friends, the rogue element of the Nightmare Family finally departed the scene.

Following the commercial break Red Velvet was giving an interview backstage when she was attacked once again by long-term rival Jade Cargill.