QR Code Teases Continue On WWE SmackDown – “Howdy”

WWE White Rabbit Bray Wyatt return at Extreme Rules

Bray Wyatt made his triumphant return to WWE at Extreme Rules after more than a year away from the company. Wyatt appeared at the end of the show simply reminding fans that he was here.

Wyatt’s return had been teased for a number of weeks through numerous vignettes, many of which included QR codes which led to clues. While Bray Wyatt might be back, the QR code teases continued on SmackDown.

The show was briefly interrupted by a Wyatt themed interlude, with a voice behind a mask warning Bray not to lie to the ones he loves. A face was then briefly shown, believed to be that of ‘Uncle Howdy.’ While there has been no confirmation regarding the name or character, WWE recently filed a trademark for the moniker.

WWE QR Codes Return

The QR code itself took fans to a faux-psychiatric report for Bray Wyatt. The date of birth on the report is May 23rd 1987, Wyatt’s real birthday. On the form, next to patient signature it says “refused to sign.” Further down under clinical review it reads “Difficulty showing remorse or empathy. Conflict with social norms.”

Near the bottom of the page it says “Disregarding or violating the rights of others.”

Meanwhile if you call the client ID number a creepy message plays saying “Oh no, not me, I never lost control.”

This tease appears to loosely tie in with a promo Bray Wyatt cut earlier in the night where he made a series of confessions. The star admitted that he was originally happy to disappear, but was glad that the fans called him back and picked him back up.

Wyatt said that on his journey he would be doing some “horrible, horrible things” without remorse. In closing he cryptically claimed that he was now a servant and will go wherever the circle takes him.