New QR Code Tease Drops On SmackDown, All Roads Lead To Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Poster

Latest WWE QR code tease on Friday Night SmackDown asks fans to “let me in” with more hints towards Extreme Rules.

On the October 7th episode of Friday Night SmackDown featured the latest tease in the ‘white rabbit’ saga as another QR code appeared on the show.

The code popped up on Triple H’s microphone as WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H welcomed everyone to the season premiere episode of SmackDown on Fox.

The code takes fans to a short video of Fifer pig who has appeared in previous clips. The voice over repeats the phrase “let me in” with a knock at the door. There’s also a quick shot of Huskus The Pig Boy who was a regular feature of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.

The page hosting the video is also titled “10822,” which is the date of Extreme Rules. Later in the show another video clip showed a white rabbit hopping across the screen to an ‘X’ in the Extreme Rules font. The rabbit then digs at the symbol before being hit by a shaft of light. The vignette ends with the message “Feed Your Head” on the screen, again with the date of Extreme Rules.

The previous code on Raw gave fans coordinates to Wells Fargo Center which is set to host the show.

The ‘white rabbit’ teases began a month ago with WWE playing Jefferson Airplane’s track “White Rabbit” during ad breaks and at live events. This was eventually followed by a number of videos which fans accessed via QR codes which popped up during WWE programming.

Although previous clips have also referenced Karrion Kross, Malakai Black and Joe Gacy, it is widely expected that Bray Wyatt will be unveiled as the man behind the teases. Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st 2021.