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Australia’s Top Promotions Set To Clash – PWA x MCW Worlds Collide!


On December 19th PWA takes on MCW’s best in a clash for the ages live on FITE for the first time from Melbourne’s premium wrestling venue, Thornbury Theatre.

Some of Australia’s most exciting up and coming talent will face-off on December 19th as stars from both Melbourne City Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Australia [PWA Black Label] face-off for the first time ever!

There are many rivalries in life, but few with the passion and history between 2 of Australia’s biggest wrestling promotions – PWA & MCW.

Australia has produced a plethora of incredible talent over the past decade and the impact of both MCW and PWA can be seen across the international wrestling scene with the likes of The IInspiration FKA The IIconics & NXT 2.0’s Grayson Waller FKA Matty Wahlberg a part of PWA’s impressive alumni.

Both Cassie Lee and Jessie Mckay have spoken highly of their time training with PWA, with both of the incredibly charismatic Australian icons coming through the PWA training school.

Speaking with Scarlett Harris, the duo would reveal:

JM: “I found Pro Wrestling Australia’s online training academy in Sydney. I found that place when I was seventeen years old and I became the first student they had when it first opened. I trained there for three months and on my 18th birthday I had my first match which was awesome. A little while later Peyton joined PWA and that’s when we properly met and spoke to each other and we became best friends ever since. Since then we’ve both travelled individually across Australia and America just performing. We were fortunate enough to get a WWE try out and the rest is history.”

CL : I joined PWA when I was 16. What really sold me on it was I had seen a poster with Billie on it while I was out celebrating my birthday so it was kind of like a sign; that’s how I feel. I started training with Billie in 2012 in Canada at Lance Storm’s school for three months. And when I came home I came home to Melbourne and I stayed there for a few years. MCW was my home in Melbourne and then Billie and I had our tryout and the rest is history!”

Meanwhile, MCW boasts impressive alumni of its own including current WWE Superstars Indi Hartwell & Toni Storm, with Hartwell reflecting fondly on her time with MCW and attributing some of her success to the flexibility and variety of work she was able to achieve whilst in Australia.

“I was able to kind of get myself out there, work with a lot of different people at a lot of different promotions, in a lot of different countries and I think that really helped my career take off.”

“I feel like at MCW, that’s where I really started to find my feet. Every show I did, I just got more and more confident, being in front of a bigger crowd, being in front of a different crowd.”

Both MCW and PWA boast impressive rosters with a mix of up and coming talent and established industry veterans with the likes of multi-time NJPW champion Robbie Eagles and NJPW United Empire members Aussie Open performing regularly for the promotions.

In a Best of 5 Series, Australia’s best will clash to determine who rules the country, the following matches have currently been announced for the upcoming PWA x MCW Worlds Collide event:


The event is sure to be an incredible spectacle with some of Australia’s finest leaving it all in the ring as they look to prove why their promotion is the true king of wrestling in Australia!

International fans need not stress about missing the historic event as it will stream live in full on FITE at 3 am [GMT] on December 20th and is available in full for just $9.99 [£7.54]!

If you are watching from the US the event will be live at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CT and 7 pm PT, full event information can be found on both the PWA & MCW websites as well as on FITE.

Inside The Ropes will have full coverage of this historic event, so make sure to come back for the latest updates on announced matches and exclusive interviews and content related to the event!

If you would like to watch PWA x MCW Worlds Collide you can do so via FITE live at 3 am December 20th GMT.