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Producer Of Roman Reigns & John Cena SmackDown Segment Revealed

John Cena Roman Reigns

John Cena and Roman Reigns were unfiltered as they took shots at each other on SmackDown, now the producer of their segment has been named.

Cena and Reigns engaged in a back and forth on the microphone as tensions rise ahead of their WWE Universal Championship match set for SummerSlam.

The current ‘reigns-ing’ and defending Universal Champion allowed John Cena to have his say before confronting the sixteen-time champion of the world and sharing a piece of his mind with Cena.

Reigns made mention of the “missionary position” line that had caused a stir a few weeks back and brought up Cena’s former relationship with Nikki Bella. In return, Cena questioned Reigns’ hypocrisy for calling out Cena’s “d*ck jokes” while referencing “sexual positions and past relationships.”

Cena then caused a stir of his own as he told Reigns that The Tribal Chief had “nearly ruined Seth Rollins career and ran Dean Ambrose out of WWE” to audible shock from the Tulsa crowd. John Cena then referenced CM Punk’s famous WWE Championship win at Money In The Bank 2011 by saying after he wins he might even blow Reigns a kiss but when it’s all said and done “the champ is gone.”

Now Fightful Select has revealed the producer for the segment but notes that Reigns, Cena, and Reigns’ Special Counsel Paul Heyman have a huge say in what’s going on:

“Fightful has learned that Jamie Noble produced the opening segment that featured John Cena and Roman Reigns or at least was listed as such. It’s worth noting that Paul Heyman has also had heavy influence over Reigns’ stories, and Reigns and Cena have a significant more amount of freedom over their segments than most.”

John Cena also reminded Roman Reigns and the world that a simple ‘1-2-3’ over Reigns books Cena’s own place in history as he will break the tie with Ric Flair and be all out on his own as a seventeen-time champion of the world.