“If I Had A Problem With Somebody, It Wouldn’t Be On Twitter” – Booker T

Booker T

Booker T has offered this thoughts on the latest round of chaos in AEW, commenting that if he had a problem with someone he wouldn’t be going on Twitter to make digs.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T addressed the Twitter spat between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara. It should be noted that the episode was recorded before the altercation backstage at Dynamite which saw punches thrown and Andrade sent home.

On the episode, Booker said that he had read that Guevara tweeted about Shawn Spears after the former NXT star tweeted and then deleted a “goodbye” gif. However, it quickly became clear that the issue was between Guevara and Andrade.

During the exchange, the Spanish God claimed that Andrade was a “favour hire” was only in AEW because of his father-in-law Ric Flair.

With regard to the spat, Booker stated that he wasn’t a fan of wrestlers using that kind of language to try and put each other down.

“You know, when I hear stuff like that, a favour hire, a jobber, when I hear talk like that, man, that’s when we are really beyond professional wrestling. When I hear certain terms that you know, of course, The Rock, he didn’t coin the phrase or anything like that, jabroni, you know what I mean, but that was a term to use towards the guy and still have it be in context, if you know what I’m saying. That jabroni might be a pretty tough guy.

When you call a guy a jobber, or a favour hire, like you’re actually the one who put the word in for it, that’s when the lines are definitely not even blurred as far as what we’re doing here. It has nothing to do with trying to give that fan that moment that they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives from a perspective toward, ‘Man, I was there when that happened.’

You know, this kind of talk, I don’t think it does anything for the business and that I really think that more importantly, the tradition of this business is definitely almost gone. It’s almost gone. We’re in a totally different place as far as the tradition of professional wrestling the way I saw it and the way I felt being a part of it. It was real. It was real to me, and when I watch it now, man, it just makes me sad to see what this business truly is in certain aspects.”

The WWE Hall of Famer added that if he ever had a problem with someone he wouldn’t be loading up Twitter to publicly air out the issue.

“What’s crazy about this is it’s being done on Twitter. That’s the stupid part right there. If I ever had a problem with somebody, it would not be on Twitter. If I got a beef with you, I’m not going to get mad and type it. You know what I mean? That’s not what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna run up on you. I’m gonna run up on you and if we got a problem, we’re gonna settle it and it isn’t gonna be on Twitter. Only thing that’s gonna be on Twitter is who went to the hospital.”

It has since been reported that Andrade instigated the fight backstage and threw punches aimed at Guevara who didn’t make an effort. It has also been suggested that Andrade is attempting to get himself fired in order to return to WWE.

H/t to WrestlingNewsCo for the transcription.