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Pro-Wrestler Shockingly Discovers They Are Daughter Of Tito Santana

Tito Santana

WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana has shockingly found out he has a pro wrestler daughter, Jenni Santana, who’s relatively new to the business herself.

Tito Santana was a television mainstay for the then-World Wrestling Federation at the height of the Golden Era, enjoying two stints with the company’s Intercontinental Championship and two with the Tag Team Championships, one alongside Strike Force partner Rick Martel and the other with Ivan Putski.

Having now seemingly retired from the ring after a 42-year career, it appears Tito’s legacy will continue on in the form of Jenni Santana. The Future Stars of Wrestling-trained Jenni reportedly discovered who her famous father was a couple of years ago after beginning her training under Sinn Bodhi (h/t Wrestling Epicenter):

“I only found out a few years ago that he is my biological father. I was already into martial arts heavily. Then I did the interview with Hannibal and he asked if I was interested in trying professional wrestling. I was like, ‘Yeah! Why not?’”

Jenni would continue, adding that she had gotten in contact with the 2004 WWE Hall of Fame inductee through his sons. Although the two have spoken, they’ve not done so recently:

“We had a conversation and we had talked about getting to know each other and meeting up. And then, I don’t really know what happened. It just kind of went silent. So, I’m not really sure. Eventually, hopefully, we’ll get to know each other more.”

Jenni Santana currently has two recorded matches to her name. She went to a double disqualification with Erica Torres for the World Class Revolution promotion in December 2021, before defeating Daena Lynn at a Future Stars of Wrestling event this past March.

She’s also listed as being the General Manager for the Ultimate Women of Wrestling company, who are due to host their debut event on 21 May. A host of former and recurring AEW talents are currently scheduled for the event, including Ivelisse, Santana Garrett, and Miranda Alize.

Now at the age of 68-years-old, Tito Santana seemingly wrestled his final match, as he and Tony Vincita defeated the team of Stephen Azure and Steve Somerset – humorously known collectively as Even Stevens – in October 2019, when he was 66. He’d been wrestling semi-regularly prior to that.