Principe Aereo Passes Away At 26 From In-Ring Heart Attack

Principe Aereo

Inside The Ropes is saddened to learn that former AAA star Principe Aereo has tragically passed away at just 26 years old following an apparent heart attack suffered during a match last night in Mexico City.

Aereo, real name Luis Ángel Salazar, was competing for indie group Mexa Wrestling at the Arena San Juan Pantitlan when he suddenly collapsed in the ring.

Prior to collapsing, Aereo had taken two fairly low impact overhand chops to the chest then a spinning back kick to the gut, following which he staggered and fell down in the corner.

His opponent and the referee immediately recognised that something was wrong and rushed to his assistance, although not everyone was aware of the severity of the incident immediately as another wrestler jumped in the ring to deliver a low dropkick to Aereo’s opponent as he was crouched over the stricken wrestler.

The blow was completely ignored and the wrestler running interference quickly recognised there was a serious issue and jumped in to help.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Although an ambulance was called immediately and arrived quickly, Principe Aereo was already dead by the time he was stretched to the back. Despite the best efforts of doctors at Torre Medica Santa Anita clinic, he could not be revived.

Mexican wrestling has endured its share of heart attack-related in-ring tragedy in recent years, with 35 year old lucha libre legend Perro Aguayo Jr. passing away during a Crash tag bout in 2015 under similar circumstances, and 51 year old former WCW performer Silver King dying from a heart attack on a show in London in 2019.

Naturally, questions are going to be asked about why a 26 year old would suddenly collapse from an apparent heart attack, which has led some to theorise that the heart condition Commotio cordis (agitation of the heart) could be the cause.

Commotio cordis is an often lethal disruption of the heart rhythm that comes about as a result of a blow to the precordial region (the area directly above the heart) at a very specific and critical time during the cycle of a heart beat.

The onset of Commotio cordis – which can occur with even a weak blow – then causes an immediate cardiac arrest, triggered by arrhythmia, and is entirely unpredictable and unpreventable.

However, it should be noted that this is merely speculation at this time, and the actual cause of death will not be revealed until the autopsy.

Everyone at Inside The Ropes is saddened to hear of the loss of Luis Ángel Salazar, and we send our condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time.