“Are You Ready For Another Johnson Prime Minister?” – Dwayne Johnson Addresses UK Turmoil Under Liz Truss

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

For years, fans have wondered whether Dwayne Johnson would capitalize on his huge popularity and worldwide influence to run for political office. Specifically, speculation has abounded for years that Johnson might run for President of the United States, following in the footsteps of WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump. Breaking his stance on remaining politically neutral, Johnson endorsed Joe Biden in his successful 2020 campaign run against Trump.

While Dwayne Johnson himself admitted in 2021 that he’d done research into the idea of running in either 2024 or 2028, he announced in a recent interview that he’s no longer interested in a presidential bid and that any idea of a future campaign is officially “off the table.” The former WWE Champion instead wants to focus more on his role as a father, saying that this is a critical time in his daughters’ lives that he doesn’t want to find himself absent for.

During a recent interview, Dwayne Johnson teased taking over as Prime Minister

The UK has seen its recent share of political turmoil in recent years. After Theresa May resigned in 2019, the divisive Boris Johnson took on the role of Prime Minister. However, amidst controversy over the misconduct of one of his appointees that led to a mass resignation of ministers from the government, Johnson resigned in September of 2022 and was succeeded by new Conservative Party leader Liz Truss.

During a recent interview with Sky News, Dwayne Johnson mentioned the former prime minister that shares his surname, and joked that the UK wasn’t ready for another Johnson as prime minister. He also mentioned his WWE persona The Rock.

“Are you ready for another Johnson prime minister? Maybe Rock prime minister?”

However, even if he has no intention of going for a political bid in the United Kingdom, Dwayne Johnson said that it was great to be back on that side of the Atlantic Ocean.

“I will tell you this… It’s great to be back in London. I will tell you that.”

Dwayne Johnson is currently on a media tour to promote Black Adam, in which he stars as the titular character. The film debuts this weekend in both the United States and UK. In another recent interview, he detailed how his time as a villain in WWE helped him embrace this new cinematic role.