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Previously Proposed Jon Moxley Match At All Out Reportedly Off

Jon Moxley Nick Jackson

A new report has shed light on Jon Moxley and his potential All Out plans, saying that the previous match in mind for him seems to have fallen through.

On AEW Fight For The Fallen New Japan Pro Wrestling legend, Hiroshi Tanahashi appeared in a video saying that he was going to challenge the winner of the IWGP United States Championship match between Lance Archer and Hikuleo. The giant Bullet Club star fell short – despite having King Haku in his corner – with Archer retaining the title he won from Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest.

Later in the evening, Jon Moxley cut a promo backstage where he took Tanahashi’s name in vain saying New Japan’s Ace had been avoiding him for a long time now.

Tanahashi faced Archer at NJPW Resurgence on the 14th of August and defeated The Murderhawk Monster for his reign as IWGP US Champion.

Dave Meltzer previously reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that there could be more for Hiroshi Tanahashi in the land of All Elite than just the match against Archer. Meltzer gave some insight into Moxley pitching a match against Tanahashi to AEW President Tony Khan:

“Okay, so what I do know, is that fairly recently at 4 am I think Jon Moxley had a discussion, I don’t know the night I think was the night of a taping with Tony Khan, and he had an idea for a match. Which I believe is for the September 5th pay per view [All Out]. And Tony Khan liked the idea. I knew it was a top New Japan wrestler. I didn’t know the name of who it was, but I knew about the discussion.”

If a week is a long time in politics, it is an age in wrestling with Meltzer saying in his newest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the match between Moxley and Tanahashi is now on ice. Meltzer referenced Moxley’s promo on Dynamite where he took aim at several members of the roster but was notably silent in regards to Tanahashi.

Meltzer noted that a match between the two men was “imminent but that is no longer the case.” He then suggests that things have changed on the New Japan side of the equation with a Moxley win the most likely outcome in the match that he believes will happen somewhere down the road.