Pretty Deadly Win NXT UK Tag Team Championships

Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly – Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker – have won the NXT UK Tag Team Championships ending the five-hundred-plus day reign of Gallus.

The duo of Howley and Stoker defeated Mark Coffey and Wolfgang on the most recent edition of NXT UK on the WWE Network.

Pretty Deadly became the number one contenders for the titles in January 2021 by winning a fatal four-way elimination match. They would defeat Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews and The Hunt.

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes’ Gary Cassidy, Pretty Deadly stated that they respected Gallus for what they’d done for tag team wrestling in NXT UK.

Lewis Howley explained:

“As much as we’re going to smoke them, we really do have to give credit to the Gallus boys. They’ve carried the division for 18 months now and they really have set a standard.”

Sam Stoker added:

“They’re hard-working. I’d agree that they’re hard workers – in the gym, outside the ring, inside the ring – they’re super hard workers and they’re always pushing to be better. And they do elevate the scene on the division, tag team wrestling has never been as strong as it is now on NXT UK.”

In a look to their future, Sam Stoker would set out the team’s goals:

“NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Let’s get elevating the scene, main events on the TakeOver’s, then we’ll go get the Dusty Cup, then we’ll get the NXT Tag Team Championships.”

Part one of that equation is now complete as Pretty Deadly becomes the fourth NXT UK Tag Team Champions in history. Howley and Stokes have competed as Pretty Deadly since 2019, wrestling in companies such as PROGRESS, IPW:UK, and RevPro before signing with NXT UK.