Powerhouse Hobbs Discusses How Happy He Is Working Closely With Taz

Team Taz Powerhouse Hobbs

Powerhouse Hobbs has opened up about working closely with ECW icon Taz, saying he used to watch him on TV when he was growing up.

Hobbs joined AEW in July 2020 working primarily on Dark and joining the ranks of wrestlers making noise at ringside in lieu of fans. An outing in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out in September seemed to be the catalyst for Hobbs officially signing with AEW later that month.

It wasn’t long before Hobbs found a family in All Elite Wrestling as he joined up with Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Hook in Team Taz. Now going by Powerhouse Hobbs, Taz’s hired muscle has made waves and impressed many in his matches.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Powerhouse Hobbs discussed working closely with The Human Suplex Machine.

Hobbs stated:

“Taz is great, I’ve always watched Taz when he was in ECW. He always reminded me of a few people I knew on the block, with how his attitude and his persona is and that’s really him. He’ll let you know when you’re doing something wrong, but he’ll let you know when you’re doing something right – which is also good, so I’m happy to be working with him.”

Since joining AEW, Hobbs has gotten involved with The Icon Sting as Team Taz hounded Sting and Darby Allin for months. More recently he stepped into the ring with Christian Cage, falling to defeat at the hands of a Kill Switch.

Hobbs also discussed how he got his start in AEW. The man then simply called Will Hobbs was an out-of-work father of three before a text message from QT Marshall changed his life as he knew it.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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