Potential Rumour Killer On WWE Sale Speculation

WWE Sale thumb

WWE is at the centre of a speculation storm surrounding its future. The releases of top stars, such as Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and Lana has led to discussions around the possibility of a WWE sale.

After his shock release from WWE, Aleister Black appeared on Thea Trinidad’s Twitch stream to confirm that “budget cuts” were the reason the company let him go. Budgetary reasons being the cause for the mass firings while the company is making more money than ever has only added fuel to the flames.

The wrestling rumour mill is buzzing with theories surrounding WWE’s potential suiters with Disney leading the pack of media entities. But Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, a leading expert in professional wrestling economics and analysis, took to Twitter to pour water over the fires of conjecture. He revealed that he had spoken to several investors about the sale rumours and not one of them believed a transaction is on the cards.

Here’s what Thurston had to say about the rumours surrounding WWE’s potential sale;

I talked with 5 people in the WWE investor community in the last 24 hours about the notion that the company’s recent actions indicate they’re preparing for a sale. Not one of them thought so. Even the stock price is no-selling wrestling Twitter.

WWE is currently in one of its most profitable periods. The multi-million dollar deals with FOX and Peacock has seen the company enjoy massive earnings. But if they continue to release their employees for “budgetary reasons” speculation and rumour will always be close behind.