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Potential Hint That CM Punk Is Headed To AEW

CM Punk

The wrestling world is buzzing the rumours and reports that CM Punk could be on his way back to wrestling with AEW.

While there is no official word from either side, it hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited about the return of CM Punk. Now there is another reason for fans to further speculate about AEW being his next wrestling destination.

CM Punk recently followed AEW on Twitter and now Living Color has done the same. The band that performs ‘Cult of Personality, which was CM Punk’s entrance music in both WWE and UFC have started to follow AEW on both Twitter and Instagram.

Lately, the President of AEW, Tony Khan, has bought the rights to use several popular songs for the entrances of his performers. Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley have all benefitted from their amped-up entrances.

CM Punk has long been linked with AEW. In 2018 the former world champion held a meet and greet at One Hour Tees the day before All In, which set the rumour mill buzzing with a potential appearance. The following year Punk was a special guest at Starrcast III the same day as All Out again setting the wrestling world on fire with speculation.