Possible Sign Sting Will Wrestle In AEW


Following his monumental AEW debut this week, speculation has been rife regarding Sting’s role within the company and, in particular, whether The Icon will wrestle in All Elite Wrestling.

Well, it seems like we’ve been given the strongest hint yet as to whether Sting will step in the ring, as the WCW legend is now listed on AEW’s ‘Men’s Roster’ page. While the roster page doesn’t explicitly state that everyone listed is an active talent, every individual listed has a win-loss record and Sting is the only talent listed who hasn’t yet wrestled a match for the company.

Another note would be the omissions from said page. People not listed on the roster, but working regularly in the company are Taz, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. With speculation that Sting would be in a managerial role on the show, the addition of The Icon to the roster page would suggest that isn’t the case – with managers not being listed.

While it’s by no means a certainty that Sting will wrestle in AEW simply because he’s listed as a member of the roster, it may have provided a hint towards it being at the very least a possibility. AEW has confirmed Sting will appear on next week’s Dynamite to explain why he’s All Elite.

Tune in to AEW DYNAMITE on TNT next week to see why Sting is joining the most boundless promotion in all of wrestling.