Positive Health Update On Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler

Last month, wrestling fans were shocked and concerned as Jerry Lawler suffered a stroke. There were initial concerns that it was a serious one and that there would be major long-term effects. Thankfully, those effects never materialized and Lawler survived without any life-altering effects.

Since then, news on Lawler’s condition has been sparse as Lawler was released from the emergency room and switched to outpatient therapy. And now, per a report from PWInsider, things are looking even better for ‘The King’.

Per the report, Jerry Lawler is no longer in outpatient therapy and has been allowed to return to his home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jerry Lawler suffered another major health incident over a decade earlier on RAW

This recent stroke isn’t Jerry Lawler’s first major health issue. As some fans may remember, Lawler suffered a heart attack on RAW in 2012. He was attended to at ringside by WWE’s medical staff, who then took him backstage to give him CPR.

After Lawler’s condition stabilized, that heart attack was concluded to have been “unexplained cardiac arrest” and it wasn’t tied to any other specific condition or immediate cause.

After recovering for a few months, Lawler returned to wrestling on a semi-active basis. Though WWE hasn’t cleared him to wrestle (and probably never will, especially now that he has also suffered a stroke), he has still wrestled plenty of matches on the independent circuit.

Prior to suffering this stroke, Lawler’s last match was against the Beer City Bruiser for indy promotion America’s Most Liked Wrestling, which took place on January 21st.

We here and Inside The Ropes wish Jerry Lawler a full and speedy recovery.

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