Popular Rhodes Family Member Makes WWE Debut

Cody Rhodes cuts a promo on WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes had a busy night on WWE Raw as he prepares for Money In The Bank, but thankfully the American Nightmare brought some backup.

In a moment that delighted the WWE Universe, Rhodes’ dog Pharaoh appeared backstage as the star was getting ready to face Damian Priest. The move sees Pharaoh retain his status as the most famous dog in the wrestling world having previously been used on merchandise as well as appearing on AEW TV.

Pharaoh’s contractual status is unknown, although the shockwaves caused by the former AEW star appearing on WWE television are sure to be felt for days to come.

Boosted by the presence of his canine friend, Rhodes overcame Damian Priest in Raw’s main event to continue his march to Money In The Bank.

Cody Rhodes To Face Dominic Mysterio At WWE Money In The Bank

After being forced to take a break from trying to get the better of Brock Lesnar with The Beast taking time off, Cody Rhodes ended up on an unexpected side quest. While appearing on Miz TV, Rhodes was confronted by Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley with Dom-Dom getting in a cheap shot before running away.

This led to Rhodes challenging Dom to a match at Money In The Bank. Ripley accepted the match on Dominik’s behalf as her Latino Heat delivered another chap shot.

On Raw, Rhodes decided to make his presence felt, confronting Dominik and Ripley, claiming that the second-generation star is only half the man his father is, dubbing him “a scared little boy.”