Plans For AEW’s Roster Split Were Met With “Mixed Feelings” Internally

AEW President Tony Khan

The much-talked-about AEW roster split appears to have been put on the back burner, a decision that has gone down well with a number of talents backstage.

When the show was first announced there was immediate talk that the roster would be split in two, with half working Dynamite and the other being tied to Collision. While this was at least in part a way of retaining an easier schedule for stars, it was also designed to keep CM Punk and The Elite apart with their issues remaining very much unresolved.

However, the closer the show came, the less likely a split appeared, and on the eve of Collision’s premiere, Tony Khan confirmed that there wouldn’t be separate rosters for Collision and Dynamite.

Despite these comments, it has been reported that at recently as a month ago plans for a roster split were very much in effect. A new report from Fightful Select notes that there were plans for two distinct rosters with champions moving between the two shows, although this was “met with mixed reactions internally.”

Some talents were unhappy as they felt they would miss out on independent bookings, while others were more positive, feeling that the move would help the backstage drama that dogged the company for much of 2022.

There were originally plans for a “hard” split before this stance was softened, and talent was told there would be movement between the two shows. Warner Bros Discovery was said to be in favour of the roster remaining as one, although “under the right circumstances, anything could work.”

The report closes by confirming that the “transfer portal” trademark was snapped up in relation to the planned roster split, but the idea has been shelved, at least for now.

CM Punk Heading To AEW Dynamite

To hammer home the lack of a roster split, it has been reported that CM Punk will be appearing on the June 21st edition of Dynamite, despite it being believed that he would be exclusive to Collision. The Elite will reportedly miss the show, paving the way for Punk to appear in person.