Plans Being Made For Kenny Omega Vs. El Hijo del Vikingo II

Kenny Omega

On the March 22, 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, wrestling fans were treated to something of a special match in the form of Kenny Omega vs. El Hiko del Vikingo. This was the first time ever that the AEW Executive and the AAA star wrestled one-on-one.

Many fans praised the match as an instant classic, with the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer giving the match a 5-Star rating shortly after it took place.

Because of that praise, the Observer further noted that either AEW, AAA, or both companies, are interested in replicating that success with a rematch between the two wrestlers.

Meltzer noted that, while nothing is confirmed as of yet, there is a plan in place for the two wrestlers to compete once again. Specifically, this plan would see Kenny Omega challenge El Hijo Del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship, which Vikingo has held since December 4, 2021.

Kenny Omega vs El Hijo del Vikingo II being planned as a title match with the venue expected to be somewhere in Mexico

Since Vikingo was the champion going into their match on Dynamite, suffering a loss to Omega would all but guarantee Omega a title shot against the defending champion.

It is also noted that the alleged plan would see Vikingo defend against Omega in either Tijuana or Mexico City. And since AEW has yet to broadcast any of their shows out of Mexico, then there is a good chance that this match would happen under the AAA banner and not AEW.

The AAA Mega Championship is AA’s top singles championship and is one of the multiple title belts Kenny Omega carried and defended in 2020-2021 when he was doing his “belt collector” gimmick.

He won the title from Fénix in October 2019 and held it for over two full years. He had to forfeit the title on November 22, 2021 because he had suffered too many serious injuries which rendered him unable to make a scheduled title defense on AAA’s Triplemania Regia II event.

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