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Original Plan For Kofi Kingston’s Royal Rumble Spot Revealed

Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble

Kofi Kingston’s annual Royal Rumble near-elimination spot went awry in the 2022 match as he was eliminated early.

WWE’s Royal Rumble match features many annual traditions, including returning and debuting entrants, and the purpose of an Iron Man entrant, but Kofi Kingston’s near-elimination spots are among the highlights of every match.

Over the past decade, the former WWE Champion has become an instant hit in these matches, using the barricade, the announcer’s chairs, and even Adam Rose’s Rosebuds to evade elimination. Until now, he’s succeeded, traditionally being eliminated almost instantly upon getting back in the ring, but in the 2022 Royal Rumble, he didn’t achieve the same fate as his near-elimination was botched.

The spot saw Kevin Owens knock Kofi Kingston off the ropes, where he landed across the barricade. Unfortunately, both of Kofi’s feet touched the floor, eliminating him from the bout prematurely. Dave Meltzer has come through on the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter with what was supposed to happen in Kofi’s latest Rumble spot:

“He was knocked off the apron by Kevin Owens just seconds into his entrance at No. 24. The idea is he would fly to the barricade but hit it without his feet touching the ground, then climb it, walk on top of it and somehow get back in the ring. But as he hit the barricade, both feet hit the floor.

It wasn’t that obvious because it was so quick, but it did happen and in the back the call was made to call it as a shoot and he was eliminated. He had more stuff planned that never happened.”

As was previously reported less than an hour after the event concluded, Bryan Alvarez also confirmed there were additional spots planned with Big E.

Kofi Kingston has also broken his silence on the elimination, tweeting a rather tongue-in-cheek quote:

The men’s Royal Rumble match was won by Brock Lesnar, who entered from number thirty and lastly eliminated Drew McIntyre to win the contest. He’ll contend WrestleMania rival Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship in April.