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Piper Niven Hits Back At Online Trolls With Inspirational Message

Piper Niven

Monday Night RAW’s newest Superstar, Piper Niven has taken to social media to hit back at internet trolls with an inspirational message.

Niven debuted on the most recent episode of RAW, appearing alongside the returning Eva Marie.

It had been announced that Eva Marie would returning to the ring, taking on Naomi in her first match since 2016 ahead of the show. However, that’s not quite how things panned out.

With Naomi waiting expectantly in the ring, Eva Marie arrived at the top of the ramp flanked by NXT UK Superstar Piper Niven. The Scottish star then proceeded to compete in the match on Marie’s behalf, making quick work of the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

As Niven celebrated, Eva Marie then declared herself the winner.

Following her debut on RAW, Niven was later a victim of a series of body-shaming posts on social media. The Scot has now hit back at the messages, writing on Twitter that she doesn’t worry about them.

“Successful big people are often met with this because we remind people of their own shortcomings, they want to believe that success is only for the “perfect people” and that’s why they didn’t achieve their dreams and we prove them wrong. Don’t even worry about them, I don’t.”

It is perhaps interesting to note that during her debut, Niven was never mentioned by name. This may suggest that the debutant could be about to receive a new alias.

Piper Niven originally signed with WWE in 2017, competing in the Mae Young Classic making it all the way to the third round. The Scot later debuted with NXT UK in March 2019.