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Piper Niven Battles Homelessness With New Charity

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NXT UK Superstar, Piper Niven, has set-up a charity in order to help the homeless alongside fellow British wrestling stalwart, Jack Jester.

WrestleKind, the name of the pair’s group, looks to battle homelessness across the country and is said to be non-profit. Currently, the duo are in the process of registering as an official charity and will be in a position to help those without shelter across the entire United Kingdom once their request is approved.

Niven and Jester are in partnership with noted charity founder, James Stewart, who founded the Get-Well Gamers charity which ran from 2014-2019.

The press release read:

British wrestlers unite for homeless fundraiser

Two stalwarts of the British wrestling scene have formed a new charitable group, with the aim to help disadvantaged and vulnerable groups through the power of wrestling, starting with a winter fundraiser to help the homeless.

The new organisation, WrestleKind, brings together 17-year industry veteran Lee Greig (Jack Jester) and NXT UK superstar Kimberly Benson (Piper Niven), both of whom have been mainstays of the British wrestling scene and respectively held multiple world championships for Glasgow-based Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW).

Greig is an active performer, trainer and actor, while Benson, who performs for the WWE in the NXT UK brand, was most recently involved in a feud with Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s title, having joined NXT UK in 2019.

The group is rounded off with experienced charity founder, café owner & software developer James Stewart, who founded and led international gaming charity Get-Well Gamers from 2014 to 2019 and previously chaired the Shetland Skatepark Association (2011-2012)

Wrestlers Lee and Kim met James during a Get-Well Gamers event, where ICW wrestlers were invited by James via Get-Well Gamers to Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital in 2019 where they played video games with hospitalised children and provided entertainment on the wards. The group is non-profit and currently in the process of registering as an official charity in Scotland, with a view to operating across the United Kingdom.

The group are hoping to raise money to purchase essential items that those affected by homelessness and houselessness require, such as socks, underwear, toiletries, jackets and waterproof backpacks.

Any fan donating £5 or more to the cause will automatically be entered into a raffle to win the iconic signed Saltire (Scottish flag) singlet and boots worn by Benson primarily while wrestling in Japan.

Commenting, group co-founder Lee Greig said:

“I’m really keen to harness the great community of British wrestling fans to help us make a difference to people in really difficult circumstances this year. As long as I’ve been in this industry, I’ve always known our community to be very generous and I’m hoping that everyone will help us reach as many people in need as possible. We’ve got big plans for WrestleKind next year when things go back to normal, and I can’t wait to harness the momentum that the British wrestling scene has and really make a difference to people’s lives. We could all use some positivity after this year!”.

Commenting, group co-founder Kimberly Benson said:

“I’ve loved every moment of the charity work I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in in my career, and it made sense to me to use our position and our community to try to make a difference. This is just the start of a really exciting project. When things can get back to normal, we want WrestleKind to be working to help and entertain disadvantaged and vulnerable people up and down the country”

Commenting, group Chair James Stewart said:

“I’ve known Jack and Kim for a few years now, and they’re absolutely dedicated to helping their local communities through their passion for wrestling. This fundraiser will have a big impact on those who desperately need help and support this winter.”

Currently on NXT UK, Piper Niven has been removed from the NXT UK Women’s Championship picture after losing a Falls Count Anywhere Match to champion Kay Lee Ray. At the culmination of their bout several weeks ago, Niven was knocked from an equipment box by an interfering Jinny, allowing Ray to retain.

The Scot will now embark on a feud against ‘The Fashionista’ in the coming weeks.