Peter Avalon On Which EVPs Were Responsible For Him Joining AEW

Peter Avalon

Peter Avalon was an AEW original, but who was responsible for him becoming All Elite?

A feature of mainly AEW Dark and Dark Elevation these days, Peter Avalon was an original in AEW, sharing a ‘Librarian’ gimmick along with Leva Bates. More recently he’s been seen as part of the ‘Wingmen’ stable along with Ryan Nemeth, JD Drake and Cezar Bononi.

Recently, Avalon appeared on Chris Van Villet’s Insight Podcast where he spoke about who was responsible for him joining AEW in the first place, and how he is a one-of-a-kind character in wrestling being able to go from the Librarian to ‘Pretty’ Peter with no effort at all.

“It was a bunch of people. I am a one of a kind character in professional wrestling. I can play one of a kind characters. It is great that people can practise their characters for so long, but I can play it with nothing, just give it to me. Like The Librarian, there was nothing given to me and I made it completely unique, so I am a one of a kind character.

So it was Cody, it was The Bucks, most of the EVPs sans Kenny, he was the only one I hadn’t met. I met The Bucks in 2007, I was training at a school in Anaheim. Charles Mercury was the trainer, he is an old PWG guy. Scorpio Sky was one of my trainers, he would come through. And since they were pals with all the guys in the area, The Bucks were still coming up from time to time. They came around to roll in the ring, we also had Chris Hero, Candice LeRae, a lot of people would come through.

That was how I met the bucks, they would come through training once or twice and I rolled around with them. They were like ‘This kid is talented and he wants it.’ I got to meet them for the first time and saw them wrestle at AWS nearby, this is when they were Slick Nick Jackson and Instant Replay Matt Jackson, freshly called The Young Bucks not too long ago. This was before they started working PWG too.

I was at their first PWG match and I was excited for them because of the training that I had with them. Hell yeah, my pals are wrestling at Guerilla. I want to say it was Scott Lost and Chris Bosh. I am happy that they thought of me, it is one thing to say that my pals got me in, but an idea came and they all clicked in unison, Peter Avalon, immediately Peter Avalon. Yeah I had that way in, but all of their brains went into one direction.”

Peter Avalon has been a mainstay in AEW’s lower card division, most recently appearing on the July 5th 2022 episode of AEW Dark, where Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno, John Silver and Ten of the Dark Order defeated The Wingmen in an eight-man tag team match.

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