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Pete Dunne Makes SmackDown Debut, Given New Name

Pete Dunne Thumb

Pete Dunne has arrived on Friday Night SmackDown, but not quite as you remember him.

After trashing Big E’s ATV the previous week, Sheamus and Ridge Holland arrived on SmackDown in high spirits.

Speaking backstage, sledgehammer in hand, the pair boasted about their exploits in a backstage interview. There was no remorse insight as the team said that they’d actually made the ATV better, just like they do everything else.

When it was pointed out that the pair were giving the interview holding a sledgehammer, Sheamus unveiled his surprise. The Celtic Warrior said that he and Holland had come to SmackDown with someone more deadly then two sledgehammers, although you might know him by a different name.

At this, Pete Dunne wandered into view, under the new moniker of Butch.

After the break, Holland and Sheamus took on Big E and Kofi Kingston, while Butch prowled around at ringside. While much of the match was evenly fought, everything turned with Big E being taken out by Ridge Holland.

This enabled Butch to climb up on the apron and distract Kingston, giving Sheamus chance to deliver a Brogue kick to the former World Champion to claim the win. After the match, with Big E being attended to by medics, Sheamus, Holland and Butch put a beatdown on Kingston.

Brock Lesnar had opened the show out for revenge and out for blood after being left laying at Madison Square Garden by Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. However, Paul Heyman appeared on the ramp and told Lesnar that Reigns wasn’t in the building.

Although this revelation sparked The Beast into life, rather than calming the situation. Lesnar jumped from the ring and chased Heyman backstage, knowing his former Advocate was all alone. Despite laying waste to a number of officials on the way, Lesnar was a little too late on the scene as Heyman escaped by car.