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Pete Dunne Reveals Which NXT UK Talent Would Join Him In NXT

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‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne has named three current NXT UK stars that he would love to see join him in NXT in the not too distant future.

Upon his return to the black and gold brand at NXT Halloween Havoc, the former WWE United Kingdom Champion aligned with Pat McAfee, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan as The Kings of NXT.

However, if Dunne had his way, then he would be joined by three different men from the British brand which he helped to build from the foundations upwards.

Taking time to talk to The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast, Pete Dunne named his British Strong Style brothers Trent Seven and Tyler Bate as two name he would love to see make the switch, while his third choice was somewhat surprising:

“I would love to see Trent [Seven] and Tyler Bate come out here. I will also give you a name that I think people wouldn’t expect. I feel like ‘Wild Boar’ has really untapped potential. He is someone I’ve wanted here for a long time. I’ve been friends with him for years. I don’t think people have seen what he can fully do yet. It’s only a matter of time before he starts to break out. Hopefully he gets to come over here and show the whole world what he can do.”

He wasn’t finished there. A fourth name was also forthcoming and it was a man Dunne had not only fought for years, but a man he had previously been business partners with co-owning ATTACK! Pro Wrestling:

“There are so many guys over there. I’d love to see Mark Andrews come out here. I know he has done a bit on 205 Live. Maybe he can bring something to that show. There is so much talent over there. What is great too is even with what has happened this year with the UK being locked down and coming back for a minute. Now being locked down again. Everyone is still improving. The work rate is fantastic over there. It’s a great roster to be around. Everyone is continuously improving.”

A reunion of British Strong Style on NXT television would be a spectacle many will clamour to see. With Trent Seven seemingly left with nothing to do in NXT UK after his Heritage Cup loss to A-Kid and Tyler Bate taking a hiatus from the industry to sort out what are said to be personal problems, such a switch would not only refresh the NXT tag team division, but the careers of both men.

Credit for the interview and transcript: Wrestling Inc.