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“Four Different People Working On My Crotch”- Natalya Details Recent Muscle Strain


Natalya might’ve suffered an injury heading into her championship match against Ronda Rousey.

Natalya won the right to face Ronda Rousey for her SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money In The Bank a few weeks ago. Since then, the two have wrestled each other regularly on WWE’s live shows. Though everything seemed to be heading in the right direction, a recent development might’ve sowed the seeds of doubt for those anticipating the match at Money In The Bank.

The Queen of Harts visited Dr. Beau Hightower for a deep naprapathy therapy. Natalya then claimed she may’ve strained one of her thigh muscles during her match against Rousey at one of the live shows:

“This is my adductor magnus. What’s going on? I strained it. It was doing great until I worked with Ronda again tonight and I just jammed it again, I don’t know what’s going on. It was totally fine, the last two or three days, it felt really good and I kind of strained it again tonight,” Natalya revealed.

The challenger for the SmackDown Women’s Championship added that she had four other people look into the potential injury:

“I’ve had four different people working on my crotch in the last week trying to get this thing right. I’ve had IcyHot, THC balm, everything you can imagine.”

Natalya has said she’ll be the first woman to make The Baddest Woman on the Planet tap out. An injury could delay Natalya’s plans for another date, though there haven’t been any reports of Natalya being taken out of the match. Currently, the two former friends are set to clash for the top spot of the SmackDown women’s roster on July 2nd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

h/t – Fightful