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“People Scatter From The Undertaker, But Approach Mark Calaway” – Arn Anderson [Exclusive]

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Ahead of his emotional Final Farewell at Survivor Series, Undertaker would embark on a week of just being Mark Calaway for the first time ever in front of camera. While appearing on Hot Ones, The Deadman named Arn Anderson as the “greatest technical wrestler” by Undertaker.

In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’Gary Cassidy, The Enforcer told us about the immense honour of being named by Undertaker when asked, and also told us what the difference is between Undertaker and Mark Calaway.

“Well, he’s not a guy that’s said a lot of things that he didn’t mean. He wouldn’t volunteer anything, as far as advice, unless he thought a guy number one – wanted it, number two – deserved it, and number three- was going to do something with it. For a guy like the Undertaker to pull you aside as a young kid and go, ‘Hey, you might want to change this. You might want to move that here. You might want to take that out.’ That kind of advice is invaluable. You can’t buy it, nobody in a training school can give that to you. That’s advice that comes from years and years and years of perfecting a character that is not necessarily Mark Calaway.

“The Undertaker walks down the hall, people scatter. Mark Calaway’s sitting in his locker room getting dressed, he’s approachable. And it’s the gap between those two is really pretty wide, from who you get as a character coming through that curtain and who you talk to in the back.”

Anderson continued, saying Undertaker has “set a precedent” as far as work rate, which is why he’s so respected in the locker room.

“He’s just one of those guys that, you name it – he has no weaknesses, he’s durable because, buddy, he beats his body up. A guy that size flying over the top rope, walking the top rope, all the things that he does to get his body battered. The guy keeps coming back every year and that’s miraculous. I know how that is and how hard it is when you only wrestle a few times a year and your body just gets out of ring shape, and it’s hard to go out and give a WrestleMania performance and, more times than not, he has really pulled it off.”

“He has set a precedent as far as work rate and all those positive things, you know, giving the fans what they want, making sure that if he’s there, whether he’s hurt or sick or whatever the case is, he’s going to go out and give you a tremendous performance. And he’s never failed to do that. He is so respected in that locker room.”

The Enforcer also opened up about how he was blamed for the streak ending by several WWE Superstars, as well as discussing THAT Spinebuster at WrestleMania X8.

Thanks to Arn Anderson for taking the time to chat with Inside The Ropes. You can read the full interview here.

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