People In AEW Allegedly Believe NXT’s Tino Sabbatelli Leaked Dynamite Spoilers

Tino Sabbatelli

On this week’s Monday Night Live, Fightful Managing Editor Sean Ross Sapp discussed Tino Sabbatelli recently re-signing with WWE, and how people in AEW believe Tino Sabbatelli to have “leaked” information while at AEW tapings.

Chris Jericho had recently called out an “NXT reject” on his Saturday Night Special for leaking information from the pre-recorded episodes of AEW Dynamite. Said information was regarding Eric Bischoff’s appearance on the show.

“For example, when we had the debate and Eric Bischoff was announced on Reddit – and we know the spy is, by the way. Oh, we know. He’ll never f***ing be back in AEW. [An] NXT reject was a spy, so print that.”

Fightful Select had previously reported that Tino Sabbatelli was the individual Chris Jericho had referred to as having leaked information from AEW Dynamite tapings. Sapp would go on to reiterate, though, that the report was not confirmation of Sabbatelli leaking the news – but that he was to blame, according to several people within AEW.

“I can’t say for sure that he is the mole, I can only say people in AEW think he is the mole and, when I say that, I mean Chris Jericho mentioned an ‘NXT reject’ months ago, leaking information. I don’t quite get that. I don’t know what got out that he wasn’t thinking was going to get out. What was out there that anybody else couldn’t have put out there? … Jericho flat out accused someone of being an NXT spy and again, I cannot say that he was the one that released the ‘Eric Bischoff appearing as the moderator’ news or anything like that because I don’t talk to Tino Sabbatelli, but I can tell you that AEW, their people, think he was – and he’s back in NXT so that is going to raise some questions and some eyebrows.”

Sapp went on to state that Tony Khan had made him aware of fake spoilers that had circulated from taped episodes too, such as the unsubstantiated “spoilers” that Rowan would appear in AEW, and stated that he knows several people in attendance at tapings on any given day.

“Now there are fans there, so I know, on any given night, a dozen people that are there between fans and uncontracted people that are working AEW Dark or whatever it may be. I don’t know what led them to think he was just going to do that, but they did and he’s backing NXT, so it reaffirmed a lot of people’s beliefs, I can tell you that much.”

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