“People Always Remember How You Make Them Feel” – Triple H On The Undertaker

Triple H Thumb

‘The Game’ Triple H has orated his opinion on whether The Undertaker will honour his retirement or whether the wrestling curse regarding stepping away from the ring will strike once again.

Triple H and The Undertaker have had a long and storied rivalry which dates back to the 1995 Survivor Series when the godfather of NXT was a blue blood and ‘The Phenom’ was about to enter his best years as an in-ring performer.

Since then, they have done battle at three WrestleMania’s, countless television and pay-per-view events with finally being present among the wealth of names who attended The Undertaker’s Final Farewell on November 22.

Now, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ has spoken to Sports Illustrated about one of his most famous rivals and whether or not after thirty years the legacy of The Undertaker will finally rest in peace:

“I’ve also been asked, ‘If he stays retired, shouldn’t he stay retired? Will he come back in two years? Won’t that be a mistake?’ When it comes to all that, I can only give my opinion. He represents everything amazing about our business. There is a uniqueness to it; he’s different from any other character. That’s why I think Mark Calaway should be able to do whatever the f**k he wants. He’s earned that right.”

A mistake it may be for ‘The Demon of Death Valley’ to return, because it’s inconceivable how he could ever get a better send-off than the one he received at Survivor Series.

Triple H wasn’t done talking about arguably the greatest creation Vince McMahon has ever conjured up. When asked about his legacy and what he means to the industry and fans, the former WWE Champion could do no better than recall a famous quote: