People Within AEW Believe CM Punk’s Media Scrum Tirade Was Pre-Planned

CM Punk AEW Media Scrum

A report has claimed that CM Punk’s now infamous media scrum verbal attack on members of the AEW roster and management was pre-planned.

As the assembled wrestling media waited for CM Punk to toast his latest World Championship victory at All Out, no one could have been quite prepared for what came next.

Instead of reflecting on his feel-good climb back to the top of AEW, Punk launched a verbal assault on everyone he felt that had wronged him in recent months. He discussed the situation around Colt Cabana and took repeated not-so-veiled shots at the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. Incredibly, all while AEW boss Tony Khan was seated just feat away.

Following reports that Punk sustained an injury during his match with Moxley in the All Out main event, some have suggested that this may have played a role in the chaos that followed. However, speaking on the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer dismissed this suggestion.

Alvarez explained that people within AEW believe that Punk walked into the media scrum with a plan to go on the attack regardless of how the questioning played out.

Bryan Alvarez: “I don’t know, but I do know that if you talk to people there, they do not believe that. [That his injury played a part in the media scrum tirade] They believe that this had been planned and that he was fully intending to go in and do exactly what he did on that day.”

Dave Meltzer: “It was very clear that it was planned because it was so practiced and everything. I think the idea was that he wanted to to use Nick Hausman to tell his speech on Colt Cabana. Which was pretty out of context really…”

With regard to Punk’s injury it has been reported that he could be out of the ring for up to eight months.

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