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PCO Reveals Why He Didn’t Want To Return To WWE

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Former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, PCO, has spoken about not wanting to rejoin World Wrestling Entertainment prior to dedicating his future to Ring of Honor.

A former WWF Tag Team Champion as Quebecer Pierre as one half of the celebrated tag team, The Quebecers, the real life Pierre Carl Ouellet doesn’t have fond memories of his time in the company thanks to backstage antics by Shawn Michaels and his Kliq.

Though disputed by ‘Th Heartbreak Kid’ himself, many have testified to the age old story of Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and others attempting to persuade Vince McMahon to make the star work more dates for less money to starve him out of the business.

In demand from promotions all over the world, PCO spoke to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful about meeting with NXT General Manager William Regal at a Battle of Los Angeles show and the conversation the pair had which lead to the talent decided against a return:

“Yeah, every other company contacted me. Had a long talk with Steven Regal [William Regal] at BOLA. It was weird because we’re friends, too, me and Regal. So, we’ve wrestled in Germany together. We’ve wrestled in England together and then he was scouting talents at BOLA. Came up to me, we talked for a while, but it never came with a solid proposition or solid offer. I don’t know if he was there for me to ask or something, but in my mind, at BOLA, at that stage, I didn’t want to go to WWE. It was going to be either AEW or Ring of Honor.

But, then everything got confused for me because as I was talking to Cody and talking to the Bucks and talking to Marty [Scurll], I didn’t know that Marty had another year left on his contract with Ring of Honor. So, I was really thinking that I was talking always to the same group of people. But, in fact, I was talking to two different groups of people. Which was kind of weird. ‘Cause no one really smartened me up until the split was made up, you know?”

In the end, PCO decided that AEW didn’t need his presence with the amount of star power on their already heaving roster and committed himself to Ring of Honor. It turned out to be the correct move for the star, who instantly became a household name as part of Villain Enterprises:

“AEW talks yeah, and to be honest with you, I don’t know if he had a year left on his contract. I’m thinking that he had a year left on his contract and that’s one of the reasons why he had to stay there. But, when he re-signed with Ring of Honor, I think people were surprised, too, you know? They thought that he would really go and join his friends. ‘Cause I think he’s still pretty good friends with them. I think he talks to them all the time. So, but yeah. I think it was cool. I remember my first night and I will always remember when me and Brody King were introduced as Villain Enterprises with Marty. I think it was in Philly. It was pretty crazy. I see that gif all the time. We’ve been one of the greatest factions in pro-wrestling as far as I’m concerned, you know? We pulled it out. We had a great chemistry between the three of us. It’s a new adventure now.”

Stepping out of the shadow of his loyal faction, PCO defeated Rush to capture the ROH World Heavyweight Championship on December 13, 2019, at ROH Final Battle.

Away from his current gimmick, longtime WWE fans will know him best as the fresh-faced, red jersey wearing mountie from The Quebecers as well as the entertaining Jean-Pierre Lafitte who took Bret Hart to the limit in a scorcher at In Your House 3: Triple Header on September 24, 1995.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Fightful