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PCO Reveals Hulk Hogan Was Paid $30K To Do An Unauthorised Job in 1997 [Exclusive]

Hulk Hogan

In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Wyatt, PCO has revealed that Hulk Hogan was paid £30k to do an unauthorised job in 1997 – angering WCW boss Eric Bischoff in the process.

The loss came in Montreal at the Molson Centre, where Hogan went up against Jacques Rougeau at a house show for The Mountie’s retirement.

In a recent interview, Rougeau himself explained how Hogan offered to put him over in his hometown, but now PCO – who helped promote the show as well as appearing on the card – has given his side of the story.

The Quebec native explained that the show was a joint venture, and that the group paid WCW to use their talent. Including forking out $30k just for Hulk Hogan.

“We were 4 promoters, we were under contract with WCW, and we decided that we would run our own show at Molson Centre… We rent out the building, we paid off WCW for all of their talent… All of the WCW talents were under contract on a per year deal, so it not costing anything to have the show because they were under contract. So we threw 20 grand, $20,000 for WCW and we threw maybe $30,000 just for Hulk.

And then we promoted the whole event you know, the publicity, the building, the posters, the newspaper article, all the publicity and everything. And we put some local talent to make sure, to help out, to build the core crowd. We ended up with about 13,000 people, which was a great house for WCW, because it was like a WCW show. The main event was Jacques and Hulk, and I was the semi-main event, or the co-main event, against The Giant. [The Big Show]”

The former WWF Tag Team Champion then went on to explain how, for Hogan, doing the match was a matter of respect and returning the favour to someone he had known for a long time.

“The money that he got, I think it would have been cheap for him not to do it. Because we paid him good money. And it’s a house show, and he knows Jacques for a long time and had the Rougeau working under him, and were good undercard guys you know. And they helped him be who he was. So I think it would just returning the favour to someone that he respected a lot.”

However, while the show may seem a straightforward show of respect and appreciation for Rougeau, it managed to cause it’s fair share of controversy. According to PCO, Hogan agreed to lose to Rougeau, and did the job without the knowledge of WCW boss Eric Bischoff. A decision which left Bischoff far from happy.

“The story is that Eric Bischoff was really pissed about it. That’s the story there…. Because Hogan decided by himself, it was his own decision. He didn’t ask, I don’t know if he overruled Eric saying no don’t do this, or he just did it by himself. I don’t know what the story is. But that’s just what I heard.”

Jacques Rougeau would soon leave WCW before returning to the WWF alongside with PCO, with Hogan and Bischoff remaining with WCW until the company’s demise in 2001.

While Rougeau would eventually retire in 2018, PCO won his first ever World Title at the age of 51 while competing for ROH in 2019.