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Paul Wight Wants To Turn Heel And Face Darby Allin

Paul Wight

The former Big Show, Paul Wight, has revealed that he would like to face Darby Allin in the ring.

Speaking at the media scrum after AEW Revolution, Wight, who signed with the company in February, said he was looking forward to returning to action and performing with the AEW roster.

“I feel like a young kid all over again. I can’t wait to get out there and do my job and lace up my boots and get to perform with these athletes and get to know them.”

The ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ singled out Darby Allin as someone who was on his list. Poking fun at his history of turning from a good guy to a villain repeatedly in WWE, he also said he hopes he will be a heel when a match between the two does happen.

“Darby is actually on my list. One day, hopefully, I get to work with him. You know me, I’ve had more turns than NASCAR so hopefully, by then, I’ll be a heel and it’ll be a lot of fun.”

At Revolution, Allin, alongside the legendary Sting, defeated Brian Cage and Ricky Starks of Team Taz in a brutal street fight. The next contender for his TNT Championship was also decided in a ladder match which was won by Scorpio Sky when he literally grabbed the brass ring.

When Paul Wight joined AEW it was announced that, as well as wrestling, he will be providing colour commentary for the company’s new YouTube show, ‘AEW Dark: Elevation‘ which launches on March 15th.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.