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Paul Wight Reveals Voice Over Work For ‘Fast & Furious’ Cartoon

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AEW’s Paul Wight has revealed that he’s been doing voice over work for the upcoming Fast & Furious cartoon “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers.”

Following his title role in the Netflix sit-com ‘The Big Show,’ Paul Wight is continuing to expand his non-wrestling portfolio as his career as an active performer begins to wind down.

During a conversation with Miro, on Miro’s Twitch channel, Wight revealed that he has spent the last year performing voice overs for one of the main characters in the ‘Fast & Furious’ film franchise spin-off.

“This past year, I’ve been doing voice-overs for the Fast & Furious cartoon. That’s been my little side project. I’m one of the main characters in the new Fast & Furious cartoon. The character is a bounty hunter who always gets his man. I end up mentoring a couple of Fast & Furious kids. It’s coming out real soon. I have tremendous hair as the character,”

Elsewhere, Wight has revealed his frustrations at how WWE handled his Netflix crossover hit, ‘The Big Show.’ Wight revealed that he didn’t get to negotiate what he made for the show. While he also hit out at WWE for not promoting the venture effectively.

Paul Wight shocked the wrestling world when he left WWE in February 2021 after 20 years with the company. Wight then proceeded to sign with AEW, where he currently appears as a colour commentator on AEW Dark: Elevation alongside Tony Schiavone.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.