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Paul Wight Recalls Working Through A Gruesome Hip Injury In 2018

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Paul Wight, AEW’s recent signee has discussed working through a horrendous hip injury and the lengths he had to go to keep the wound covered.

It was announced Wight would be joining AEW in February 2021. The former Big Show ended a 21-year relationship with WWE to join the upstart company as a colour commentator. Wight will be on announce duties alongside Tony Schiavone for AEW Dark: Elevation.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast the giant star detailed working with a severe hip injury in 2018.

Wight explained:

“I had holes in my ball joint on my hip. I worked a year and a half like that because I felt a duty to the guys in the locker room to be there for them, to keep the angles going. Even when I did the thing with The Bar, I came to The Bar that night, when I fought Cesaro and The Bar broke up because I didn’t want to leave those guys hanging – but the metal device that was in my hip was broken. I had surgery the next day, but I still came the day afterward because I didn’t want to let Sheamus and Cesaro down.”

Wight then detailed a nasty infection that would arise after the surgery:

“The [hip] infection is so smart, it hides in the machine grooves of the metal and it will build a shield like Captain America hides down with a little shield. The antibiotic powder lasts like 38, 39 days in your body – the bacteria comes out 42 days. So it is so smart that, it hides from the antibiotic powder – creepy little f***er – then it makes its way back to the top. Then all of a sudden you get this purple thing. I tried open wound healing it, we were packing it with gauze and stuff like that. It was – I went through some horrible sh*t.”

“I had an autograph appearance up in Niagara; they didn’t have a Walgreens here in the lovely place of Canada. I had to actually use a maxi-pad and duct tape.”

Paul Wight also talked about meeting Hulk Hogan for the first time. Wight noted that The Hulkster had an interesting reaction when he first set eyes on the giant.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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