Paul Wight Recalls Confronting WWE Writers – “Who The F**k Wrote Me War And Peace?”

Paul Wight

AEW star Paul Wight has recalled his time in WWE as The Big Show and the long promo that he was presented with that led to a confrontation with WWE writing staff.

For two decades Paul Wight was a cornerstone of WWE as The Big Show following his defection from WCW in 1999. Wight won countless titles during his time with the company including the WWE Championship in his first year and the World Heavyweight Championship.

In 2021 Paul Wight surprised the wrestling world when he called time on his WWE career and found new pastures as part of AEW. Primarily working for AEW as a broadcaster, the star has competed three times for the company, most notably at the All Out pay-per-view where he defeated QT Marshall.

While on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast with former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr., the Hollywood actor recalled writing a promo for Wight that left the giant asking two questions – “who the f*ck wrote me War and Peace?” and “what the f*ck is this?”

Paul Wight then explained his side of the story and says his dismay came from not doing many promos during his time in the company:

“That’s exactly what happened because now, understand at the time, Freddie, I talked in WWE once in a while. For whatever reason, I guess Vince didn’t like the way I did promos or didn’t like the fact that a giant talked. Whatever the reason was, I didn’t talk that much. I didn’t have a promo segment every Raw, that wasn’t my gig.”

“So, when I got this promo, I was like ‘are you f’in kidding me!?’ Like, I haven’t done a promo in like four months, and now I’ve got like four f*cking pages to try to memorize, and I’ve got segments of wrestling that I’ve gotta do, like, ‘who the f*ck wrote this and why?’”

Freddie Prinze Jr. went on to explain that the two men only had 25 minutes to rework the promo and in the end, Wight noted that he felt they did a good job with it.

h/t Wrestling Inc.