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Paul Wight Private Pool Drama Almost Ends Badly For Ship Captain

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Paul Wight reportedly caused a commotion in a private pool during the Attitude Era, allegedly choking a sea captain just to assist Austin and Colten Gunn.

During the Attitude Era, the real-life Paul Wight debuted his alias of The Big Show, having left World Championship Wrestling for the World Wrestling Federation. ‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ enjoyed success from the offset, capturing the WWF Championship within his first year of activity.

He proved popular outside of the ring as well. Wight was close friends with an abundance of then-WWF roster members, namely Billy Gunn and The Road Dogg, so much so that he effectively became an uncle to Gunn’s two sons, Austin and Colten.

The now-All Elite Wrestling tandem spoke of their relationship with Paul Wight during a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, with Austin Gunn recalling a Christmas gift from the ex-WWE Superstar:

“We didn’t see Road Dogg as much unless we went to the shows. We maybe saw Big Show more, he gave us our first Playstation and Xbox at Christmas, at the same time. He was like, ‘I have a little present for you, it’s in my trunk.’ He opened it and it was an Xbox with 5 games, PS2 with 5 games and he goes Merry Christmas. I think he was the closest one to an uncle.”

Austin continued, detailing a Disney Cruise story surrounding Paul Wight that involved the AEW announcer laying his hands on the cruise’s captain:

“We were on a wrestling cruise one time for Disney, and me and Colten were getting too crowded in the adults pool. There was like a captain’s pool, very private. Big Show took us over there so we could have some privacy. The boat captain comes out and starts yelling, ‘Those kids, you need to get the hell out of this pool!’

Big Show was in the water and have you ever seen those workout videos where the guy jumps out of the water and onto the thing? That’s exactly what he did, as heavy as he was and he grabbed the captain by the collar and says, ‘If you ever talk to them like that again, I will throw you over this boat and I will drive us home.’

The fear in that man’s eyes, dude I can’t even imagine! I would poop my pants.”

Paul Wight was involved in an on-screen angle with The Gunn Club last September that involved Billy Gunn initiating an attack on Wight, assisting QT Marshall and The Factory ahead of Wight and Marshall’s All Out contest that weekend. Wight had aided Billy, Austin, and Colten in defeating the Marshall-helmed trio the week before.

Shockingly signed by All Elite Wrestling in February 2021, Paul Wight currently serves as a commentator on AEW’s Dark: Elevation series. He’s wrestled just four matches for the promotion thus far as well, going undefeated in two singles bouts and two three-on-one handicap contests.

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