Paul Wight Names Three Stars Who’ve Impressed Him Since Joining AEW

Over the course of his 24-year career, Paul Wight has battled, interacted with and outlasted, too many wrestlers to mention.

Since leaving WWE and signing with AEW in February, Paul Wight has taken up a position in the commentary booth on AEW Dark: Elevation. Sitting alongside Tony Schiavone, this means that Wight has been able to run the rule over the next generation.

In a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Wight named the three stars who have impressed him the most during that time.

The veteran initially moved to praise John Silver before crediting the unique Abadon and arguably the most athletic and powerful woman on the AEW roster, Jade Cargill.

“There’s a couple that have grown to be my favorites,” Wight said. “Some of the Dark Order guys. I did a sit down interview with John Silver. He’s got a great story and a great desire, great passion. As far as characters go, I’ve really gotten into, and I talk about this on our show Elevation, about how she makes me uncomfortable and nervous. But actually, I have so much admiration for what she’s created and what she does. Abadon. What she’s done with her character. She created in the wrestling business, which is very hard to be unique and be different and get something that has a chance to really get over with time. With her Abadon character, it’s nice to see the wheel can be reinvented so to speak.”

“And then you look at raw, just, athletic ability, your girl Jade [Mark Henry]. You just look at her and her attitude is right. She’s humble, she’s hardworking, she busts her ass in the gym. But she’s got presence, which you and I both know no matter how hard you work, no how hard you do a hip toss or take a hip toss, it’s about presence. There are some people who are going to draw no matter what they do. It’s nice to see her, right now, applying herself and staying focused and hard working with it. Cause it’s really easy when you get that kind of hype coming out of the gate to lose yourself (not that I’d know anything about it). But to see her focus and commitment is really good.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Wight also discussed his own in-ring career. Wight hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Randy Orton on the July 20th episode of Monday Night RAW in 2020 but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to hang up his boots.

Looking to the future, Wight said that he’s “got the itch so bad” to get back into ring, before running down a list of potential new opponents which included Kenny Omega.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.