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Paul Wight – “I Wanted To Do A Big Show Burger, WWE Wanted 7 Figures”

Paul Wight

Paul Wight has discussed trying to get a line of ‘Big Show burgers’ off the ground but being stopped in his tracks by WWE.

Wight shocked the wrestling world by signing with All Elite Wrestling in February 2021. The giant star will be providing commentary on AEW’s new show, Dark: Elevation alongside Tony Schiavone.

In conversation with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Wight discussed the difficulties of capitalising on his brand while in WWE. Wight detailed one opportunity that would see him start his own food business.

Wight explained:

“There’s a couple of business deals I tried to do with WWE using my own brand, and it was incredible to me after 20 years of building a brand because they own the intellectual property.”

“I wanted to do a Big Show burger. It was a half-pound patty, no antibiotics no hormones, anywhere in the USA within 36 hours. You order it online and it’s humane etc. I went to pitch it, you would have thought that I was some guy that had walked in off of the street, with the numbers that they hit me that they wanted me to use a brand that I have helped build. We’re talking 7 figures upfront, 18 months later another installment of 7 figures, 30% of the profit. They wanted that from me, they wanted me to cough up 7 figures right from the bat. Then 18 months later another 7 figures.”

Wight continued:

“I wanted to get some food trucks, brand them and cook burgers at fan access. But for whatever reason, the people I was dealing with, turned me off so bad and put things in perspective.”

“I’ve been playing The Big Show for 20 years. But as far as they were concerned, anyone could play The Big Show. The writing on the wall was either we don’t want you to be successful or we could make a cash grab. They say they are family, but only when it suits them. When it doesn’t suit them, it’s business. People may think that I am bitching, and I’m not. But there comes a point in a talent’s life where you have to do what’s best for yourself mentally. It’s not about the financial dollar.”

Paul Wight made his AEW commentating debut on the inaugural episode of AEW Dark: Elevation. The main event on that episode saw Riho face compatriot Maki Itoh.

Credit: Talk Is Jericho

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