Paul Heyman Recalls Vince McMahon’s Bizarre Hatred Of Sneezing

Vince McMahon & Paul Heyman

Vince McMahon has never been the most straightforward of characters. Be that as a performer on television, or the real-life billionaire promotor who took professional wrestling to heights never before seen in the industry.

During his time as WWE Chairman McMahon was noted for his almost superhuman dedication to his work and obsessive training regime. This unrivalled desire to be the absolute best, and be-all and end-all in WWE also saw him display some rather unusual characteristics. McMahon himself has admitted that he always wanted tasks to be carried out in a certain way, while all of WWE’s programming had to be written to his satisfaction.

Vince McMahon Gets “Really P*ssed Off” When He Sneezes

One man who worked extensively with McMahon for a number of years in a variety of WWE roles is Paul Heyman. The former boss of ECW first established a working relationship with the former WWE Chairman when he was desperately trying to keep his own chaotic promotion alive in the late 1990’s. In later years Heyman worked as an on-screen talent, writer and Executive Director.

Back in 2010, Heyman made an appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani where he discussed working with McMahon. The now Special Counsel to Tribal Chief Roman Reigns explained that McMahon has a real hatred of sneezing. Something which comes as a direct result of his desire for full and complete control.

“Here’s the best way I can tell you about Vince McMahon. It’s the ultimate Vince control story,” Heyman said. “If you’re in the room with Vince McMahon and he sneezes, go on your Blackberry for the next 20 minutes because nothing you say to him is going to get through… Cause he gets really p*ssed off. Cause he can’t control the sneeze.”

Speaking years later, now-WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon confirmed her father’s unusual issue, adding that he also hates people nodding during meetings.

Vince McMahon retired as WWE CEO and Chairman in July 2022 after being engulfed by allegations of sexual misconduct and unrecorded business expenses.

H/t to MMA Fighting