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Paul Heyman – “There Shouldn’t Be A RAW Anyway. Have You Watched It Lately?”

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman took a shot at Monday Night RAW this week on ‘Talking Smack‘ proclaiming that there “shouldn’t be a RAW” all together.

Heyman posted a video on his Twitter account on Saturday night to hype up the Elimination Chamber PPV, importantly informing everyone just how honoured we should be to see Roman Reigns compete.

It’s fight week, it’s fight weekend. You have, this weekend, the rare opportunity, to see in action. a legend. A once in a lifetime champion; the standard bearer in WWE: Roman Reigns. The best of the best, the Head of the Table, the Tribal Chief himself, will defend the Universal Championship tomorrow at Elimination Chamber against the winner of that very chamber.

A man who can display such, politically incorrect word, ‘violence’, that he not only survives but thrives inside the chamber; beats whomever is surviving and emerges as the victor. What happens then? Then that man gets to step into ring for the Universal Championship less than 2 months outside of WrestleMania against Roman Reigns.

He would then go on to say that there is no WWE without Roman Reigns, but also no Monday Night RAW – leading him to take a small jab at the red brand by sarcastically asking if we’ve even seen it lately.

The entire complexion of WWE can change this weekend. Roman Reigns will defend the title, why? Because there is no WWE without Roman Reigns; there is no Talking Smack without Roman Reigns. There is no Smackdown without Roman Reigns. There is no Raw – there shouldn’t be a Raw anyway have you watched it lately?

Forget that, there’s no Raw without Roman Reigns, no NXT without Roman Reigns. We all exist because of Roman Reigns. Everybody here is employed, including Kayla [Braxton], because of Roman Reigns. He is your ‘Tribal Chief’, he is the sun on which we all orbit around. We’re [motions to Jey Uso] with the chief, we’re with the champ.

We’re with Roman Reigns, we got the juice, we got the stroke, we got the influence. We got the power around here. And if you wanna see before Elimination Chamber tomorrow night a prime example, demonstrative of the stroke we have around here. This episode of Talking Smack goes ‘bye bye’ in 3… 2… [Jey:] 1.

Roman Reigns will face the winner of the Smackdown Men’s Elimination Chamber match (featuring Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan, King Corbin, Kevin Owens and Cesaro) – that Universal Title match will take place on the same night.

Paul Heyman (& Jey Uso) appear very high on confidence that Roman will walk out of the PPV still the Universal Champion, do you agree? You can follow the action as it goes down tonight on our Twitter.