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Paul Heyman Tells Hilarious Story About Paul Wight’s “Three Minute Fart”

Paul Wight Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has relived the unbelievable story of Paul Wight’s epic flatulence “stinking up the entire state of Alaska.”

Heyman recently recounted the story on social media after it emerged that Wight had gone one step further in a match with Heyman’s client Brock Lensar. As Wight recently told Renee Paquette on the Oral Sessions podcast:

“[Brock] gave me an F-5 in South Africa, I think it was in Cape Town, and I’d had some bad food and this is back when I had the leather pants. Thank god. I had the leather for the singlet. I hit the mat and it just came out. He covered me ‘huh? Did you sh*t?’, I went ‘yeah’, ’hahaha you sh*t!’ you know what I mean. And then when I’m laying in the ring after the F-5, he kept stepping on my stomach like he’s trying to get more to come out. And I’m trying to sell his finish like ‘get the f*** away from me.’”

Heyman then followed up on Twitter, confirming the story and alluding to the story in Alaska.

Speaking to Esquire Middle East, Heyman was asked if he could elaborate on the story, Heyman replied:

“[Laughs] I’ll drop one hint about it. It was actually outside in 15 degrees below zero weather. And I will stand by my story. He stunk up the entire state of Alaska.”

“It’s up to him to tell the rest of the story. And he probably can tell it better than I can. Because when he tells it, I laugh so hard that tears running down my face. But it’s a true story. It was a three-minute fart. And it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.”

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Credit: Esquire Middle East