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Paul Heyman Teases Apollo Crews Addition To Roman Reigns Stable

Apollo Crews Thumb

Paul Heyman, Special Counsel to Roman Reigns, has teased an addition to the stable of the WWE Universal Champion in the form of Apollo Crews.

In recent weeks, the former WWE United States Champion has had dalliances with both Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns on WWE’s blue brand which ranged from a confrontation with the godfather of ECW on Talking Smack, where he was told that his humility held him back from greatness as well as a meeting with ‘The Tribal Chief’ on January 15 in which the Samoan attempted to pass down some advice.

Now, Paul Heyman has taken to Instagram to re-post a picture drawn by a devotee that depicted Crews accepting Roman as the head of his table, before the advocate wrote that January 22 would be a pivotal moment in the star’s career with so much to offer the Island of Relevancy:

“@WWE #Smackdown on @FoxTV has become the #IslandofRelevancy thanks to the leadership of our #TribalChief @romanreigns. All things flow down from the top, and we all have been blessed by the current present Reigns-ing defending undisputed uncontroverted #UniversalHeavyweightChampion in that we are able to ply our trade in a manner consistent with the vision brought forth by the single biggest superstar in sports entertainment on a global basis of this millennium. I have always believed in the abilities of @apollowwe. I am happy #TalkingSmack provided a forum from which I could look this man in the eye and let him know the only thing holding him back from greatness was his humility and respect for others. What the cameras captured may be a pivotal moment in Apollo’s career. I certainly hope so. He’s got so much to offer the Island of Relevancy!”

On January 22, Apollo Crews will challenge Big E for the WWE Intercontinental Championship after several weeks of back and forth between champion and challenger. Should he triumph, then it would open several avenues for the company to go down as we enter Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season.

Should WWE choose to take the route of Roman Reigns costing Big E the gold and recruiting Apollo Crews, then the New Day member would have a valid reason to win the Royal Rumble Match – or subsequent Elimination Chamber – and advance to wreak revenge on the man who cost him everything.

With Daniel Bryan the current and overwhelming favourite to win the Royal Rumble Match on January 31, there could be one last surprise still yet to come.