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Paul Heyman Says Big E Has Taken First Step Toward Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman Big E

Paul Heyman recently commented on Big E’s latest Intercontinental Championship win, stating the win is his first step toward Roman Reigns.

Big E defeated Sami Zayn on the Christmas Day episode of Smackdown to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. This win marks the first singles Championship for Big E in over seven years. During this time Big E has become a multiple-time tag team champion alongside Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston as part of The New Day, before being split from the team in the WWE Draft in October of this year. As part of The New Day, Big E holds the longest tag team championship reign in WWE history, at 483 days.

Big E and Paul Heyman had their first interaction during an episode of Talking Smack, two weeks ago. Confronting E and calling The New Day a “footnote’ in his career, Heyman told the ‘Powerhouse of Positivity’ his recent singles run had the potential to catapult him into the main event:

“A focused Big E, a singles champion Big E has so much potential that ten years from now, as your story is being written, they will all say that the accomplishments that you did with The New Day pale by the respectful comparisons to the accomplishments that you pull off on your own.”

The confrontation left the former New Day member speechless but perhaps motivated E in his match against Zayn. Upon capturing the Intercontinental Championship, E would thank Heyman for his words of encouragement on this weeks episode fo ‘Talking Smack’:

“I honestly do want to thank you, Paul. I do appreciate those words. Because, sometimes you know something, but then hearing it from someone, someone of your career, your stature. It really hits home too. So I do, I appreciate that you know. Sometimes you’ve just got to be reminded that you’ve got it, that you’ve got the juice. So I do appreciate that.”

Heyman reiterated his previous sentiments toward Big E, claiming this new singles run will prove that E has what it takes to become a force to be reckoned with in WWE:

“Big E, you’re big box office. You’re a magnificent athlete, and you’re someone I would love to one day see in the ring with Roman Reigns. Big E walked into 2020 as someone that if Roman Reigns turned to me and said ‘What do you think of the challenge of Big E?’ I’d look at him and I’d say ‘Tag team Wrestler, best one on the planet, but a tag team Wrestler.’ I cant say that now.

Your first step in your journey that we talked about two weeks ago, that’s your trajectory, you’re on your way. Because 2021 is now around the corner. And Big E, when it comes to my evaluation of you, it’s a new year, yes it is.”

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