Paul Heyman Revealed As Mastermind Behind Recent WWE Nickname

Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns doesn’t call Paul Heyman the Wise Man for nothing, and according to Bronson Reed, Heyman’s influence extends well beyond The Bloodline.

Reed originally signed for WWE in 2019. The Australian star found success in NXT winning the North American Championship, although his expected call-up to the main roster never came. Reed was released in August 2021 and went on to impress with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling before re-signing with WWE in December 2022.

Since his return, the star has made waves on Monday Night Raw, and in April, a vignette aired in which he called himself “Mr. Nice Guy” as he inflicted damage on fellow WWE Superstars.

Speaking during a recent appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Reed spoke about the vignette, revealing that it was Paul Heyman who came up with the moniker.

“That actually wasn’t my idea (to be billed as Mr. Nice Guy) but, it is sort of input so, you know, I’ve been watching a few different television shows that has a character that’s sort of similar to what I do. Australian TV shows and the Mr. Nice Guy was actually Paul Heyman.”

Bronson Reed Was A Huge Fan Of Paul Heyman’s ECW

Continuing, Reed spoke of his admiration for Heyman and went further into what his nickname means to him.

“He suggested that and obviously when such a great mind of the business like Paul Heyman suggests anything, you should go with it because he knows what he’s talking about… Again, huge ECW fan. So, if he has an idea like that, of course, of course that’s what I’m gonna go with.

“But yeah, Mr. Nice Guy and it is representative of what you see, like us chatting right now. I am that nice guy. You can speak to me. It’s just when I step into the ring, that’s when the beast is unleashed, that’s when things change and I go to make my money. My money is by cracking skulls.”

Bronson Reed last competed on the May 15th episode of Monday Night Raw, coming up short in a battle royal to crown the next contender for GUNTHER’s Intercontinental Championship. The battle royal was won by Mustafa Ali.

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