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Paul Heyman Tries To Get Physical During Hilarious SmackDown Dark Match (Video)

Paul Heyman on the mic

Paul Heyman decided to get a lot closer to the action than usual during a recent dark match on WWE SmackDown.

Paul Heyman is the ‘Special Counsel’ for WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and usually accompanies the ‘Tribal Chief’ to the ring, but tends to stay out of the way as far as the fighting is concerned.

However, during a dark match after the October 29th episode of SmackDown which saw Reigns and the Usos take on the Street Profits and Drew McIntyre, Heyman appeared to snap and demanded to be tagged in.

Unfortunately for Heyman, he tripped as he climbed into the ring and was promptly attacked by Montez Ford. Luckily, Jimmy Uso quickly saved him and he was able to escape to the announce table for a breather.

Roman Reigns went to check on Heyman, but couldn’t contain his glee at what he had just witnessed.

The bout went a lot better for Paul Heyman than the last time we saw him in the ring in 2013. On that occasion, he teamed with Ryback to take on his former friend CM Punk in a Handicap Hell In A Cell match.

Heyman took a scissor lift to the top of the structure to keep away from Punk, but after the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ had taken care of Ryback, he climbed the cell and attacked him with a kendo stick before giving him a GTS for good measure.

Credit to ‘Infinite Pro wrestling‘ on YouTube for the above footage.