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Paul Heyman On The “Distinctly Different Roles” He Portrays In Wrestling

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has stood side by side with some of the most prominent wrestlers throughout a career in the business that dates back over three decades.

On-screen Heyman has worked with a veritable who’s who of WWE Hall Of Famers. Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko, Madusa, Michael P.S. Hayes, Steve Austin, Rick Rude – and that’s just from the days of the Dangerous Alliance in WCW.

From those rich pickings, Heyman then helped create the ‘Land of Extreme’ as he took the reins at ECW. The upstart promotion caused a sensation during wrestling’s boom period of the late nineties. Joining WWE in 2001 initially as a commentator, it wasn’t long before Heyman found himself in the corner of a star.

The star in question in 2002 was ‘The Next Big Thing’ Brock Lesnar. That started a near 20-year association between the two men with Heyman accompanying Lesnar to the ring for his last WWE appearance to date at WrestleMania 36.

In conversation with Sports Illustrated, Paul Heyman discussed the way he has had to evolve in the wrestling business. Saying that what worked at one time in his career, wouldn’t work further down the line.

Heyman explained:

“My job is to create an enthusiasm regarding the items that I am entrusted with hyping. That has never changed. The way that I strategize, that has changed. That’s been a constant since 1987.”

“What worked for me during the Dangerous Alliance era in WCW would not have worked for me in front of an ECW crowd. The rabble-rouser, cult leader, pied piper of the revolution in ECW would not have worked as Brock Lesnar’s advocate. Brock Lesnar’s advocate would not have worked as the ‘voice of the voice of the voiceless,’ and none of those would have worked for the special counsel for Roman Reigns or the cohost of Talking Smack. These are all distinctly different roles, and I would be doing a disservice to people if I treated it otherwise.”

Heyman has been by the side of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns since shortly after Reigns’ return at SummerSlam 2020. Reigns and his right-hand man Jey Uso appeared to welcome a returning member of their family into the fold on SmackDown.

Credit: Sports Illustrated